If you notice this indicator onea��re going into a PlayZone rule spouse venue. That suggests the venue agrees to both process with the PlayZone signal in order to end up being evaluated for compliance by ACON.

If you notice this indicator onea��re going into a PlayZone rule spouse venue. That suggests the venue agrees to both process with the PlayZone signal in order to end up being evaluated for compliance by ACON.

The ACON PlayZone Laws include:

  • Complimentary condoms and lube are produced all the time.
  • Totally free condoms and lubricant will be available near cities just like the darkroom.
  • Critical information leaflets on reproductive health, centers, HIV and STIs is going to be readily available.
  • Information leaflets are going to be obtainable near markets with great lamps.
  • Lighting effects is appropriate sufficient to help you look at the information available; select the cost-free condoms and lubricant; hence employees can thoroughly clean precisely and therefore you understand where you’re heading.
  • Maintenance is carried out precisely, making use of the suitable machines which means you dona��t see messier than you’ll want to.
  • Are going to be been trained in the basic fundamentals of reproductive health, and drugs and alcohol, and additionally be capable of show you where in actuality the records leaflets are generally throughout the setting if you would like these people.
  • Can help you to when you need basic home elevators reproductive health or drugs and alcohol.
  • Also are capable of giving an individual home elevators reproductive health hospitals.

ACON PlayZone SOPV Rule of Practice Items

Feedback regarding ACON PlayZone SOPV of application

  • Whether you have any responses, remarks or plan to report any info on a SOPV pertaining to the PlayZone signal, you need to let us know: playzone@acon.org.au
  • Take note participation within the PlayZone rule happens to be voluntary. ACON will address all feedback acquired for the PlayZone Code and SOPVs confidentially. Records through the commentary presented can be passed on within the SOPV administrators and staff for impulse.
  • Any time you require a response from ACON associate just create your details.

ACON PlayZone Venues

These spots were invested in the PlayZone rule of training:

  • 357 Sydney Area Vapor
  • Porno Globe Newtown
  • Aarows
  • Business
  • The Den Oxford Block
  • The Fun Torso George Road
  • Sydney Sauna

ACON Sexperts

The Sexperts were peer knowledge volunteers who visit intercourse on premises spots and also discussions because of the buyers about sexual health, HIV trueview mobile site and STI assessment, and various other related content.

Most people have an incredibly devoted and a lot of fun set of volunteers which we have been going to augment as we develop the project to brand-new premise.

To state interest in getting a Sexpert let us know on: 1800 063 060 | (02) 9206 2075 | groups@acon.org.au

Cervical Cancer Assessment

Anybody with a cervix is located at danger of cervical cancers.

Wea��re below to convey ideas and encourage the need for routine cervical testing for LGBTIQ everyone.

Cervical cancer tumors is one of the most avoidable types of cancer, but research has revealed that LGBTIQ folks are more unlikely in contrast to normal citizens to go to cervical checking. Creating typical Cervical checking exams is best strategy people in our networks can protect on their own against cervical cancer.

On 1 December 2017, the Pap sample replaced to a very correct Cervical Screening experience. Some other adjustment have the age of testing boosting from 18 age to twenty five years, plus the time passed between tests changing from two to 5 years.

Look at the interior group to discover more about modifications into the Pap taste, whata��s involved with a Cervical Screening taste, home elevators sexual intercourse, HPV and cervical cancer tumors and helpful hints on what get through your experience.

Enjoy society customers mention his or her reviews of cervical testing for The interior Circle strategy.

If you live in Sydney, you may book in at go look at: LGBTIQ+ Sexual Health Clinic for a sexual health consult and/or a cervical assessment taste. Go look at happens to be a community-led clinic, operate by ACON and parents Planning NSW. All our frontline personnel are generally experienced members of the LGBTIQ+ neighborhood. Learn more about Visit and reserve a check here.

Universal Service & Facilities

HIV Service

Wea��re right here to assist Asian gay guys with HIV control their own health by giving up-to-date ideas in addition to an array of packages and providers. To get more information go to the HIV Support point.

Mental Health

Currently different coaching and people treatment service for Asian homosexual guys, contains individuals with HIV or who use treatments. To get more information please go to our psychological state section.

Drinks & Medication

We provide many different guides and service companies to greatly help Japanese gay males exactly who make use of alcoholic beverages and various treatments. For more information please check out our personal beer & medication section.

Basic Safety & Introduction

We offer a variety of sources and assistance companies to assist Asian homosexual people that are going through homophobic and transphobic physical violence and discrimination. To learn more please check out all of our protection & Inclusion section.

Domestic & Parents Violence

We provide a range of sources and support work to aid Japanese gay people that having local and personal brutality. For more information please have a look at our local & children Violence segment.


We offer a variety of guides and help business for previous Asian homosexual men (50+). To find out more please have a look at all of our Ageing area.

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