Until last week’s denunciations, this was basically a giddy month of gays.

Until last week’s denunciations, this was basically a giddy month of gays.

The chairman who is opposed to gay marriages could perform with a ‘straight man’ transformation, produces Maureen Dowd.

Let us have it directly. The President as well as the Pope are not operating the brand new homosexual trend. “in my opinion a married relationship try between a man and a female,” said George Bush last week. “And I consider we ought to codify this 1 method or perhaps the various other. And we’ve have attorneys taking a look at the easiest way sugar daddies to accomplish this.” Attempting to create a tolerant notice to an intolerant coverage, the guy mentioned he was “mindful that individuals’re all sinners”.

Finally energy we checked, we had split of church and state, therefore I have no idea why the President is actually dealing with sin, or exactly why he or she is implying that gays who would like to generate a long-term dedication in a world full of breakup and loneliness were sinners.

Whenever we adhere plant’s logic, shouldn’t we a one-strike-and-you’re-out constitutional modification: no matrimony for gays, but no next matrimony for straights just who confirm they aren’t around they?

The Vatican, always wanting to eliminate lines between chapel and condition, warned Catholic lawmakers it will be “gravely immoral” to vote for gay relationship or homosexual adoption – tinny preaching after revelations about homosexuality inside priesthood.

Initially the Supreme Judge blessing. Then Hollywood’s raft of gay-themed work, from J.Lo’s lesbian turn in Gigli on BravoTV real life shows, Boy joins guy and Queer eyes for right chap.

Queer eyes, a makeover hit, on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, has five homosexual dudes

Perhaps we ought to pity plant, stuck in the 1950s field of hypermasculinity as their nation happens homosexual and metrosexual (direct people with femme preferences, such as for instance facials). Even the uptight Wal-Mart shops have actually extended antidiscrimination coverage to guard homosexual staff members, and Bride’s journal is providing their very first function on same-sex wedding receptions.

Perhaps the chairman and his swaggering group should look into a Queer Eye makeover. I asked a gay political reporter pal if the guy could possibly offer some pointers:

Throughout the Vice-President: “I would want to see Dick Cheney with a pierced ear canal and a diamond stud. Or perhaps in a body-hugging black colored T-shirt, just for the pure athletics from it. [And] he requires new eyeglasses. About his hair, all i will offer are my personal genuine regrets.”

When it involved the chairman’s options, he have really excited: “Cowboy footwear is great for a specific method of saucy backyard barbeque. But sporting them as frequently while he does, with those larger buckle buckles in the shape of Tx, it looks like he’s trying too much to prove his manliness.

“His hair is as well firmly clipped. It appears to be coated on. And then he’s a huge squinter. The place of their vision are starting to appear layered. Botox alert! The guy must drop inside merciful realm of aesthetic services avail themselves of some sort of lip balm or gloss that helps mask the fact he misplaced their lip area somewhere.

In open-collar t-shirts, he has got a small little isle of missing chest locks

“anything else about your merely shouts ‘butch, butch, butch!’ But to throw plant a metrosexual bone tissue, when you see him walking off atmosphere Force One thereupon furball Barney under their arm, that canine puff of atmosphere that a lot of pull queens would not end up being caught dead with, it’s like he is halfway to a Chanel rabbit fur purse.

“Bush really does these types of a beneficial tasks of seeming blissfully relaxed and vacantly bubbly he may as well go blond. It might help with California’s electoral ballots, as well.”

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